The Shepherd’s Chameleon by Eugene Ionesco – CLF Art café, London – May 2013
‘A vibrant and knowledgeable production of a very high standard’
– Grumpy Gay Critic
‘A sharp and effective play, directed with precision by Kareem’
– A Younger Theatre
‘Kareem’s surreal yet captivating combination of words, movement, sound, and props allow Ionesco’s point to emerge’
– London Theatre Tickets
Here’s What She Said to Me, Sheffield Theatres – 2020
‘A masterclass in acting from three incredible storytellers’
– The Rotherham Advertiser
  ‘Beautifully brought to life’
– What’s Onstage
‘A vibrant and engaging story’
– The Sheffield Telegraph
‘Extraordinary Energy’
– British Theatre
Pied Piper of Chibok

‘The Pied Piper of Chibok is a mesmerising work bringing together opera, West African culture & classical music traditions. Sitting in the Q & A w/ director, designer, librettist, choreographer & composer is inspiring’.


Drama llama Mary – Theatre Blogger
Shadows In Different Shades

‘Shadows in Different Shades is a highly-memorable production which pushes the boundaries of conventional theatre and storytelling.The music hits you too, but in a completely different way from either an opera or a musical.’

— ★★★★

London Tales
‘London Tales is an energetic and well-meaning work with a harmonious cast and clear talent behind it’.
  ‘The use of music, lighting, sets and movement of the dozen or so actors was commendable!.’
  ‘A mixture of styles, from comedy to movement and spoken word, were used to make these layers all the more intricate, and to ensure that each story was told uniquely.’
– everything theatre
Far Gone

‘Rwothomack and director Moji Elufowoju create in this play a physical language that transmits the characters’ emotional states more succinctly than words can’.



Audience Feedback

‘A fusion of sensibility, intelligence and artistry’.

‘Wow Spell Binding’.

‘Outstanding, exhausting, impressive, skillful, important’.

Iyalode of Eti | Show

‘The acting performances are powerful. The vocal resonance of the voices is thrilling, as is the movement, singing and relationship with the audience.’

— British Theatre Guide

‘Mojisola Elufowoju’s successful direction of Iyalode of Eti is certainly a tragedy re-imagined on stage and its pulsating African sounds and rhythms reach many beyond West Africa!.’

– ★★★ North West End

‘It is not a piece that is just for Africans, it’s a piece that’s about this whole idea of a universal struggle…You could be white, I could be black, but the stuff that happens to us is universal.’


‘A powerful, funny and inventive production.’

— Exeunt Magazine

‘Iyalode of Eti is an absolute treat, which manages to bring something genuinely new to a play that has by now seemingly been studied and reimagined to death.’

— The Gryphon
Iyalode of Eti | Show

‘Rich language, bold characterisations and thrilling storytelling will carry the audience into an atmospheric world that is presented with startling intimacy and electric physicality’.

— ★★★★ Yorkshire Times

‘This English play is retold as an African mystical fable riddled with rituals, hauntings, double crossings, playful levity and potent tragedy. It was colourful, fresh, lyrical, beautifully lit, staged and costumed.’

— Yorkshire Times

“It is a bold step by Kareem to transpose Webster’s work to 16th century pre-colonial Yoruba but Akingbola thinks the themes successfully translate across continents.”


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