Hippolytus a Play by Euripides

In Hippolytus, a tragedy with philosophical, religious and existential quests, Euripides sets up a masterful trap, escalating into the tragic, where the Gods play a key role, leading humans in a disastrous conspiracy of silence, in inevitable error, in punishment but also in forgiveness.


Hippolytus tells the tale of how a young man, obsessed with the pursuit of purity, unknowingly becomes a victim of the Goddess Aphrodite’s vengeance. As the Goddess’ plan unfolds, Phaedra, his stepmother, becomes consumed with passion for him, but will she break society’s conventions and give in to unnatural desire, or protect her reputation and that of her family. As the battle between divine and mortal will begins, the House of Theseus is thrown into a sequence of uncontrollable and tragic events.


This is a non-professional production, performed by students of the British Amercian Drama Academy (BADA).