On Missing

Polish-Nigerian collaboration with Adam Hypki for Wretched Theatre company, 2018


Location: Cockpit Theatre


Is leaving your home like leaving a piece of your body behind?


Combining the traditions of Polish and Nigerian theatre, ‘On Missing’ explores the experience of migration for a group of ordinary souls in an extraordinary place. For some of us absence is what we long for, for others it is fleeting, but for all of us it is unavoidable.


In the age of the diaspora these intertwined stories of coping are touching, witty and recognisable…

  • Producer

    Nick Ishmael-Perkins

  • Cast

    John Rwoth-Omack,  Tunji Falana,  Funke Adeleke, Olga Kunicka,  Magdalena Szczy, Krystian Godlewski

  • Tags

    past theatre shows