The Maids

Conceived from an idea by Mojisola Kareem.


Jean Genet’s notorious first play seizes elements of the thriller and subverts them with disturbing games of language, transgression, and transformation; a poisoned teacup, a mysterious “Monsieur”, a profusion of flowers and two sisters consumed by a fantasy of conspiracy and murder. Claire and Solange Lemercier indulge in secret, sadomasochistic rituals of hate and revenge directed at their wealthy employer, Madame. But will the game ever reach its conclusion, and with what consequences?


  • Directed by

    Mojisola Kareem

  • Assistant Director

    Leanne Perry

  • Producer

    Sam Henderson

  • Lighting and Set Design

    Olivia Godoy

  • Stage Manager

    Martin Bambrough – Oates

  • Sound and Music Designer

    Gordon Train

  • Costume/ Production Assistants

    Nicola Peech and Rebecca Loveday

  • Marketing/PR

    Amy Carr

  • Make Up

    Kelly Estelle Downie

  • Graphic Designer

    Peri Linklater Johnson.

  • Technical crew and operators

    Peter Cornish, Kayleigh Howells, and Jesicca Murray.

  • Cast

    Jane Allanach as Solange,
    Lucie Chester as Claire,
    Sophie Theodore as Madame.