The Shepherd’s Chameleon

This is your chance to escape the drudgery of everyday austerity and embrace the madcap world of absurdist comedy.

In this fast-paced physical production, the playwright is the shepherd and the world of theatre a chameleon. Take a ringside seat and watch Ionesco take on his theatrical critics in a ridiculous battle of wits that you won’t want to miss.

‘A vicious circle can have its virtues too! So long as you get out of it on time!’


  • Written By

    Eugene Ionesco

  • Directed By

    Mojisola Kareem

  • Music Composed

    Theo Vidgen

  • Produced by

    Irene Paganelli

  • Designer

    Kady Howey Nunn

  • Movement Director

    Gerrard Martin

  • Costume/ Production Assistants

    Nicola Peech and Rebecca Loveday

  • Cast

    Thomas Solberg (Ionesco),
    Lucie Chester (Bartholomeus I),
    Olivia Nicholson (Bartholomeus II),
    Sarah Sharman (Bartholomeus III).