Wake Me When It’s Time

Alastair Fauklkner.

York Theatre Royal Studio, York.


Summer 2011.


After an opening where one is not quite sure who these people are, where they are or why the two couples share a common conversation, it gradually becomes apparent that this is perhaps a kind of dream, and that there is really only one man and one woman, but they have invented older and younger versions of themselves to entertain each other while they wait.


Eventually the strange figure of a man in a black suit and dark glasses appears, claiming that contact with them has at last been made and that he is the interpreter.
But who are the man and women? Where are they? Will they be woken? What kind of existence awaits them? And perhaps most importantly, how do they inhabit the same dream?

  • Directed by

    Mojisola Kareem

  • Producer

    Matt Hardcastle

  • Cast

    Rob Pickavance, Jonathan Race, Andrina Carroll, Sarah Quintrell

  • Tags

    past theatre shows